I had two PayPal refunds about a week apart. The first was for a rocking chair that had missing parts. The second was for a Duvet pictured as a Comforter. The rocking chair was PayPal transaction ID for $193.49. The notice that this refund was transferred to my bank was sent 11/13/15. The Duvet, transaction ID for $27.99. This notice was sent 11/18/15. The smaller amount $27.99 was deposited in my account after 2 days. A week later I am still waiting for the $193.49. It appears as though PayPal refund speed is dependent upon the amount involved. The bigger the refund the longer the wait. I believe that PayPal is floating (kiting) $Millions in refunds and using them in interest bearing loans. This is the reason for the delay in refunds.

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