PayPal advertises "Send money in a few clicks" which is false advertising. I can't send money with a few clicks. I need to click hundreds of times and spend hours on the phone. Trying to send money with PayPal has become impossible due to PayPal's automated anti-fraud services. I've spent HOURS on the phone with their customer service people trying to unlock my account, change phone numbers due to SMS messages not coming through. I'm a normal human being trying to send money with my own credit card and I simply can't, always getting system errors and customer service just gives me the run around. Granted the anti-fraud system works, a little too well that it actually blocks the real person.

I have never in my life have had so many problems using a service. My frustration is BEYOND me. Their customer support also put me on hold for 1 hour and then hung up because I asked to speak to a manager! Consequences are that I cannot send money to someone that I need to pay for personal reasons after making promises I would pay them!

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