My father is a retired USAF Colonel and highly decorated Vietnam combat vet with late stage Parkinson's connected to Agent Orange who requires 24 hour care at a VA nursing home. He is past Commander of the Legion of Valor, an organization consisting of only Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Air Force Cross and the Army Distinguished Service Cross recipients. Of the 625,000 veterans in the North Texas region, there are only 8 members.

He has appointed me as his only surviving son, Durable POA, witnessed and notarized here in Texas. He has $1500 remaining at PenFed in a checking account that he wants to close as he consolidates his finances.initially we called to close the account and answered all the security questions but at 84 years of age, he cannot remember his phone PIN so PenFed refused to work with us. We then wrote a check and deposited it in his brokerage account with Edward. PenFed refused to honor the check.

When attempting to establish POA with PenFed they want the ORIGINAL copy of the POA which we refuse to send. We keep it in a safe deposit box. My father's condition could at any time deteriorate to the extent that he would be unable to sign a new one and as such we feel cannot risk the original being lost. PenFed will take a copy but it must be "CERTIFIED" which according to PenFed means the lawyer who wrote the POA. We wrote it ourselves with the help of and had it witnessed and notarized as per Texas State law. It is a legally valid document. PenFed says they will not accept a notary verifying the authenticity of the copy.

My father cannot walk. He is losing the ability to swallow and speak. Every day it is extremely difficult to understand what he is attempting to say making it very challenging to talk on the phone. Every time he swallows he risks aspiration pneumonia. PenFed is unconcerned with my family's challenges during this difficult time and show no empathy whatsoever. My father deserves more compassion and better customer service than this. All we want is to close this account…

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