Took 2 Akita to a Petco vet. I was abhorred by the treatment given to them. 10 yr. Old males legs were yanked repeat and poked with needle several times while trying to draw blood. Laid hI'm down on floor sideways then picked him up by legs and tried to put him on scale with hI'm desperately fighting to get away
Female was poked several times with needle also. 2 heartworm tests given & paid for
No results given nor any preventitive. Contacted Petco. Will do nothing
If value your dog's do not take Petco vets Vet could not speak word of English either
Not understand word he said. Stay away from all Detroit Mich Petcos. Especially 9 & Gratiot area East Pointe. Cruelty to animals and definitely crooks. Don't waste your money.

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