I requested Godfree to send a team to install two ceiling fans on Thursday 02 March 2017. Two guys arrived at my house 1 hour late. I asked them to please read the manual before installing the ceiling fan as it was very complicated. They refused to read the manual. I had wired the first ceiling fan but could not install it by myself hence I called this company. They completed the installation of the wired ceiling fan and it worked correctly. They then wired and fixed the second ceiling fan. This did not work. They continued to try and by 9pm they called it quits.

The next day they arrived 2 hours after the agreed time. I told them the wiring was done incorrectly they need to review the manual. This ignored this again. They then tested the working fans remote sensor unit with the other fan and it did not work…surprise surprise. They then fiddled around with the electrics some more. After approximately 4 hours of fiddling they came to the conclusion it was the fuses. They then left for the day and promised to be at my house with the new fuses at 8:30 on Saturday. I waited until 2pm on Saturday only to call them and find out that the right shop is now closed and they can only get them on Monday. This team always waits for you to call them.

I then wait for Monday, the team arrives 1 hour late. They spend 5 minutes at my house and decide its no longer the fuses its the sensor itself…They only thoroughly test this now. So this company has now broken both remote sensors on brand new fans. I am still waiting for a resolution while both fans don't work.

The level of service from this company is terrible, I don't believe the staff are trained electricians and Godfree does not apologize or try sort the problem out. I am warning you to never use this company! They break your equipment rather than installing it correctly.

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