I have been going to PetSmart in Monroeville for many years, taking in my mini poodle for grooming. The grooming started out okay years ago, suddenly my poor little poodle was beginning to get a chopped look, one ear longer than the other, bits of her hair sticking up, her facial hair many times one side longer than the other. I took Chloe in to be groomed this past Saturday, the groomer at once announced how matted she was and she would have to shave her! She was NOT matted! They kept her almost four hours… To shave her??! The groomer announced proudly that she had left her tail 'fluffy', a poodle does not have a fluffy tail, they have a bob at the end. When a groomer by the name of Cynthia groomed Chloe. She was the only one who did her tail beautifully. I paid over $50.00 for this ugly shave. It will take ages to grow in. I will not be going back as clearly they are inept at what they do.

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