PetSmart advertises that if you enroll in the pet perks top camper program and if your pet is in camp for 10 days or more within a 30 day rolling period, then you will receive one free day of camp. Needless to say I am currently due well over 20 free days. Every time I question these free days via their website, I get an email from customer service saying that they're looking into it and investigating, but nothing is ever done. I don't understand why they keep advertising it if they don't own up to it. Total false advertising! They have terrible customer service via their 800 number. Thank God they have the superb staff at the PetsHotel who truly care about keeping you as a happy customer. This is why I keep going back to the Darien, IL location. Petsmart corporate office, shame on you for misleading customers with your false advertising!

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