I've been on Phentermine 2x now. Lost a bunch of weight (30lbs) the 1st time, and gained it back, then some. 2nd time, didn't lose a thing, but gained 10 more lbs within the 2 months after. Read the warnings and side effects, they're real. This is a drug that does work, and you'll experience great effects with weight loss and increased energy, but it's not something that could be maintained; I have yet to hear more stories about the great effects of Phentermine, and how people have kept the weight off even after going off the drug, than all the negative feedback and experiences on here. A healthy diet & exercise is the best medicine; being comfortable in your own skin, while staying active and healthy is key. Allowing a drug like this to take away your ability to do that is just not worth it for the short-lived period of weight loss. And the long-term effects of this drug could be even greater a problem than you anticipate.

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