I have a button from Philips Lifeline but I very rarely use it. I had a bad time with it and I have no trust in it. One year, I came rushing in my house and fell on my back on the floor in the dining room. I didn't realize the door leading to the room was closed. The little grandchild had closed the door and I hit the glass and it threw me backwards. But I'm lucky. Had I hit a piece of furniture with my back, what could've happened to me? So then I had to crawl on my back all the way through the house till I could get to the bedroom. I turned the button on. It did not work. I kept calling them and they treated it like it was nothing serious.

I was 60 then. I'm 96 now. It was a couple of years ago, but I was an elderly lady. I threatened to sue them so I had two lawyers but I had trouble with them so I gave up. I think I scared them because a woman called and said they would not charge me for one year because of the accident. Big deal. That's not what I was being protected for to be charged like that. I thought that was why we had a button, in case something happened to us. They didn't take care of me like they should've done.

But I still have the button to answer the ring when they call me and they want to know how things are. I just say fine. I was truly not injured. I was very lucky. I quickly got to my children as they were on their way home and they called in somebody. But all he did was he kept walking me around the rooms. The whole thing was silly. They should've just had a doctor or somebody check me out. They could save a lot of people if they would do something about this. God knows what could have happened to me and they could've had other people that have been hurt because of it. They really tried to get out of it completely. Truthfully, I hope somebody benefits by it.

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