It is totally unfair to put a consumer through multiple emails, phone calls, mailings, scans, order to get a refund for a returned product. I returned a toothbrush, paid for shipping, filled out and mailed Philip's forms, sent the original receipt and all of the information they required. A phone call to them showed that they received everything and now all I had to do was wait for my refund. Nine weeks later – no refund. I called. The phone call confirmed, "Yes, we received everything. I can't understand the hold-up. Let me see what's going on and we'll email you the result." The result was an email saying that I had to send the receipt again AND the tracking number in order to REPROCESS my refund!

What happens to the average consumer who doesn't copy their receipt? What happens to the average consumer who confirms that the package has been delivered back to Philips and feels that they no longer have to save the tracking number? I have lodged my complaint with a case where their own records showed that I did everything I was supposed to – A CONSUMER SHOULD NOT BE TOLD THEY HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE WHOLE PROCESS AGAIN! I'm just lucky that I saved that information and have a scan of my original receipt, but I'm not even sure that "reprocessing" will get me a refund. So now I sit back and wait – AGAIN! I will NEVER purchase another Philips product.

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