I have long used other brands of Cook-In sauces, especially Denny's & Woolworths, and they are great. I noticed what seemed to be a new range of PnP own brand cook-in sauces, and tried them. Only when opening the first, the co-called Cape Malay Curry sauce did I find how dreadful this product is. Firstly, it is very watery, and splashes in the packet. When I carefully cut open the top, the packet collapsed spilling most of the watery contents ( not a sauce at all ), It looked like diarrhoea, smelled and tasted unpleasant. I tried cooking some cubes of chicken breast in what was left of it, and the result was so foul I had to throw it out, and even the omnivorous cat wouldn't look at it. Nothing like a Cape Malay curry or other sauce ; it's insulting to Cape Town to even suggest this.
Be warned : be very cautious about buying these PnP sauces., or you'll regret it.

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