I recently bought an area rug from Pier 1. It was 250. Ombre, Malachite. It is clearly defective. It sheds fibers continuously. I live alone & this area rug is only a few months old. Every day I find a dusting of rug fibers throughout my apartment & balls of rolled up fibers all over the area rug. It's not a little bit either, it's a lot. I have picked these up & vacuumed daily. I bought a new vacuum cleaner yesterday & last night I used it for the very first time on the area rug. The rug is 5×7 & the vacuum dirt cup container was 3/4 full with area rug fibers from a quick vacuum minute. This is ridiculous & they should be forced to refund the purchase price & also forced to have a customer rating & comment section. I see another Pier 1 area rug complaint on this site & they have the same exact complaint.

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