Bakersfield California! Just wanted some pasta and cheese bread sticks delivered with the marinara sauce! Every time, they forget the sauce so this time I specified on the phone that I wanted marinara sauce! He said it should come with one do you want two? I said no I want one! People always forget and I just want to make sure i get it this time. What do you know. Order comes and there's no marinara sauce. And our order of cheese breadsticks was cold. So I call back and explain what happened to the same guy I talked to before. And he said he would send me out another order of pasta and cheese breadsticks. And they brought regular breadsticks with two marinara sauce. That's it! No cheese breadsticks, no pasta. What the hell. I just wanted to enjoy a night inside with my husband and enjoy some pizza and watch a movie. That was the worst expiernce I have ever had at Pizza Hut. So disappointed. Who knows if I'll order a Pizza Hut again.

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