I am extremely unhappy tonight with the service from my local Pizza Hut! I placed an online order at approximately 7:25 pm and the order was processed and I was given a confirmation number as well. It said online that I would receive my food at 8:55 pm. That time came and went and still no pizza! I then called the store where it was to be delivered from and they said that my credit card had been declined so my order was voided. This confused me since I know I have plenty of money on my debit card to cover the cost. What makes this even worse was this happened to me last week as well, ordering online and dealing with the same store, which is the one on Noland Rd.in Independence, Mo. Both times I was very disappointed and very hungry and ended up with no food. And did not wish to order over the phone because I was so mad! I don't know what is going on, but I guess my faith in ordering online is now tainted. I don't trust it… Sad.

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