I am so disappointed in the service and quality of the food at my local Pizza Hut in Raleigh North Carolina. I have given them many chances because Pizza Hut pizza had been my favorite since I was a child. The sherron rd location has horrible service and the drives always leave something and it takes another 45min to an hour to return. They always say the manager did not give them a bank and they never have change even for small bills such as fives or tens. I feel taken advantage of by having to tip extra for poor service and the less than stellar quality of the food. Tonight I placed an online order at 7:34pm… It's currently 900pm and still no food delivered. Of course when I call I get an incompetent person who says ther wait is 90min to 2 hours which that's not what my order confirmation stated. The food just arrived and I'm extremely disappointed. I didn't think that Pizza Hut would treat their customers this way and calling the location of 2105 sherron rd Durham nc 27703 is even more frustrating. The people don't care to help and do not listen to what you are saying. It's the only location that delivers to me and I'm typing this and maybe it won't fall on deaf ears.

I can be contacted at and my name is Rayana wright. Hopefully someone will be kind enough try to save a loyal customer.

Thanks, Rayana Wright

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