I had a pizza placed on line. I called them right away to have them hold the pizza for 20 min. I wanted my pizza to arive at 6. They said no problem. 10 tI'll 6 I called them to add plates they said the pizza should almost be here no problem. 6 20 pm still no pizza I called again. They said to wait 10 more min. 6 30. Still no pizza… My kids hungry. Finally they said my card was decline… Wich I know there wasn't an issue cuz I called dominos after and I had no problem. The manager amber at the pizza Hut on 29th in loveland co. Said they called me right away… Not true… I had no call from them and I was the one that called 3 times and they never told me about my card till the 3Rd call. She then said she could place the order again. And run my card again… Who would pay again not even the first time I think I should off paid. 2 hours later after we had dominos. I went down to their store to get a copy of my decline card… They said they couldn't provide it. She never even tryed to make it up some how. Never order from pizza Hut on 29th street in loveland co

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