I placed an order online, that took almost an hour, as I wasn't familiar with Pizza Hut's website, then after I chose what I wanted, I clicked on the "cart" & my order was gone! I finally got through the cumbersome website & was looking forward to eating some good food… I was exhausted, hurt, wasn't up to cooking, it was late for dinner (around 10:30 by the time I got through the website), I'm on a trip as a relative is in the hospital & needless to say this wasn't a fun trip away from home!

I don't have a Pizza Hut near my home, so thought it would be nice to try something different. It was "different"! I've NEVER placed an order to a pizza place & had them not deliver it!

My cell phone battery was drained (The towers where I am visiting don't work well with my service AND being out of the area, using a GPS to get around is a necessity), so I ordered from my laptop. After FINALLY coming to the time (over an HOUR & A HALF!) winding down on the website timer telling me my pizza was, no pizza, THEN LONG overdue by over 30 minutes, I decided to call to see where my pizza was!

I received their answering machine! (The web site said they closed at 11pm, yet hat my pizza would be delivered around 11:30!) They went home & didn't bother!

Then I decided top check on my cell phone to see if they'd bothered even calling. I had a voicemail from an employee telling me that because I hadn't ordered from them before, that they REQUIRED that they be able to talk to me on the phone & that they were cancelling my order!!!

I'd wasted about 2-3 HOURS putting together an order TWICE to have them CANCEL my order right after I'd put it together TWICE, FINALLY was able to submit it THEN it was CANCELLED
RIGHT after I'd ordered it!?!
that's insane!!!
I ordered it from my laptop that I'd brought on my trip & couldn't believe what I was hearing!

I've NEVER heard of such a thing & if they'd mentioned it on the web site, I would have been happy to call from my relative's landline!

I DO understand that there are prolly kids that d pull pranks, etc., but REALLY? Do people REALLY order pizza online all the time, as in living on pizza?

How do new customers see the menu without going online when at home or when staying at a hotel?

With no mention of a "necessary phone call", I can only wonder how many other new customers they've lost permanently as a result of cancelling orders when someone new comes to town & orders from their laptop or even cell phone's browser & had a battery die from a long ride & a long journey through a non-user-friendly web site?

I'll know to go elsewhere from now on!

The menu w / balsamic vinegar drizzle, pretzel crust, etc. Sounded wonderful, yet I suppose in order to try it, I'll have to do it on a day when I'm rested & NOT exhausted from driving all over a town I'm not familiar with running errands (exactly the time many of us break down & buy a pizza!)

I'm not at all happy! I had brie & crackers for dinner instead!

I will not be ordering from this location again! I might not even bother with Pizza Hut! WHY is there no mention of this on the web site?

I've NEVER had a pizza delivery not deliver! Why do they even have a business? A Tax write-off for losses?

If they act like they don't want my business, I'm more than happy to oblige!

I wouldn't want ANY franchisee running a franchise I ran into the ground like this! My guess is that they aren't doing well financially, yet horrible new customer service isn't going to help their business to grow!

If they don't want new business, they should have a private club & inform newly ordering people that they don't welcome outsiders!

Craziest "business plan"/policy I've EVER heard!

This location certainly won't stay in business for long treating new customers, every one apparently, like a prank!

I'll make my own pizza with these trimmings when I'm not so tired! I'll stick to Dominoes if I want pizza, I suppose! ]

-Angry, tired, hungry & perplexed, now a non-customer!

Now to stop their text messages!?! Yikes!

I signed up because somewhere (I think another site?) I saw something about a free pizza for your birthday… Well… Now that it's after midnight, it's now my birthday!

I'm NOT going to have pizza from Pizza Hut, That's for sure! At least I saved a few bucks!

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