I would have to say Pizza Hut in the St Matthews Louisville Ky area is the worst pizza that is around. It used to be very good about 10 years ago, it now has no taste, no sauce. It is like eating wet cardboard. They never cook it properly and the dough in center of pizza is always wet, mushy, and the grease from the cheese has soaked through and even all over the box. I had not ordered from Pizza Hut in over 3 years because of a bad experience that was never made right. But, I did, on 11/17/15. Big Mistake. What I described above is what I got. It took over 40 minutes to receive two cold, wet mushy pizzas and I only live 1 mile away. When I immediately called the store, I was told they would send two more pizzas out and I would receive them in about an hour or more. I said No. It will be after 10 pm. I was told by corporate office that I would be contacted by the store manager by Friday 11/20 but it never happened. I am really frustrated and mad. I didn't even eat my pizza. Threw it in trash after one bite, and opened a can of soup.

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