Last night we ordered two pizzas at 7:32 under the name of Susan Clodfelter, phone # 678 300 5298. She was told that the wait time was 45 min. To 1 hour. We called at approx. 8:45 to check on the order and were told it was on its way. We checked again 15 min. Later and after some confusion were told again it was next on the delivery list. Not satisfied with the answer my friend Mrs. Clodfelter had received, I called back and was placed on hold for over 10 min. I called back and pressed the number for ordering and got right through, but discovered that this was a hot line and not the local store. The representative told me that the estimated time for the order was 2 hrs. From the order time. Obviously, I was quite upset. She offered to transfer me to the manager of the local store, but I was disconnected. I called back and another representative appologized over and over, but offered no redress for the grievance. Finally the pizza arrived just under the "promised" 2 hour time. We explained our complaint to the delivery person and she offered to put us in touch with the manager of the local store, but was unable to reach him over about a 5 min. Timeframe. I reluctantly paid her and she said she would have the manager call me to see what could be done. After heating our pizza (it arrived cold) the manager called after about 15 min. His name is Christopher Cole and displayed what I would describe as a lackadaisical attitude. He explained that our order had gone in to a call center somewhere in Geogia other than his local store. He apologized for the inconvenience and tried to rectify the situation by offering a $10.00 credit toward our next phone order. I then informed him that a $10.00 credit would be useless to us as we will NEVER order for Pizza Hut again. Having told you that we will never order again, I am sure that nothing will be done about this particular situation, but I felt I owed it to you to inform you of the disappointly poor service we recieved from not only the local store, but Pizza Hut in general. Should you wish to discuss this matter personally my phone. Jay Hodges

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