Ordered a gluten free pizza from the White Oak, Ohio branch on November 14,2015. I was "glutened" by the pizza, got sick and spent 5 days in bed, too sick to get up. I am highly allergic to wheat and all sources of gluten. Since the pizza was gluten free, there must have been cross contamination with the prep. Great care must be taken not to use the same gloves or implements while preparing gluten free food. This is not a joke to those like me who get violently sick when ingesting gluten. I am so disappointed as it is very difficult to order take out or even eat in a restaurant being gluten sensitive. I had high hopes for Pizza Hut as your pizza was always my favorite, but, your employees either don't understand how to treat gluten free, or have not been trained properly. I am contacting you, not for me, but, to inform you of improper handling and to hopefully avoid anyone else from getting sick. I was unable to find an email for this local branch, so I am posting this here.

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