So my family went to the pizza Hut 8n Rexburg, Idaho. Which the night we went 11/3/2015. The place was a little busy. But we got seats fast. But then we sat there for 20 min. Before service. Then we ordered we got two med., and bread sticks. We waited for the order. But 5hen it never came out. As we watched others costumers got theirs before we got ours. The first pizza came out 1 hr. Later, we still don't have our breadsticks. So we ask what is the deal. They told us they were busy. But when we got there it was a little busy. The waiter told us he would go check. When he came back he told our pizza was given to someone else. So he would put another order in. By this time we are mad. Our pizza did come to us but almost 2 hrs. Later. I will never go back to this location again.

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