Someone needs to step in and stop the manager from treating their employee so bad. This lady manager at pizza hud in colonial drive in Orlando Fl. Don't allow their to take break. They had to work so many hours without stopping. And then she make them clean everything before they go home. Some of her employee go in at 6:00pm and don't come home till 2:30 in the morning with out a break. Driving for so many hour and she don't care if the employee is sick, or are having problems with their care. A lot of people have to quiet because of her. And if they say anything she retaliate and make their schedule even worst. This lady is hard and evil. She such be fire. And is only one of the managers there. Please someone step in and stop so much misery. No one should have to work all day without a break. Especially in Florida where the temperature are so high and they air conditioner in the car is not working. Please Please help. Treat this people like human being.

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