This place doesn't even deserve one star! This is the second time I have ordered from Pizza Hut located at 1610 W. Washington St. Westbend, Wisconsin 53095. This is the worst Pizza Hut I have ever ate at. Destroyed my childhood dreams of earning extra points to get a Pizza Hut button and a free pizza in grade school. The guy who answers the phone there is so rude! He likes to do things when he wants to! The first time I ordered my pizza was delivered dry as a loaf of stale bread.

I ordered again today! This time handled my order and she was just as much of a piece of backdoor trailer trash! My entire order was completely totalled! I ordered boneless honey bbq wings with a side of mozzarella sticks.instead, I got 8 piece plain boneless wings. The order was drawn up like it was thrown in the microwave then sat out and the end results cold. And the wait for that was one hour and twenty minutes! And might I add, those people are the most racist people you can still come across these days!

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