We just had the worst experience ever with any restaurant we have ever ordered from. With two small children that were hungry for lunch we placed our order online so we could pick it up quickly when we arrived. The orders did not charge the same price as the deal advertised. When we got to the Westbrook Maine store for what should have been a quick pick up I waited for an employee to ring us up and explained the website did not work the first time we placed the order. The second attempt charged us more for a supreme pizza. Not knowing it was $5.00 more, I had to tell 3 different confused employees each that came from out back and asked me what's wrong. Each one that left me waiting 2-3 minutes. Finally the manager came out and said "what's going on". If all the the employees we're poorly trained as the had poor communication and the manager clearly was there example. He escalated the situation by saying "you gotta pay for it! I went out to get more money from my car and my wife walked back in with the money and he said we just sold it.
We will invest our time online letting others know this is how we were treated.

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