We ordered two medium pizzas at Pizza Hut in Brandon, SD last night. When we picked them up, they couldn't locate our pizza. The cashier said they couldn't find the pizzas and we should wait 15 min while they remade our order. We waited 30min and asked if it was ready. They then proceeded to tell us they couldn't find our order. We were told they would make the pizza shortly. They did not seem concerned about the mix up. We stood in the lobby for over an hour waiting for two pizzas and there was no concern for our inconvenience. We were so disappointed in this customer service action and given the fact that your pizza is delicious, the customer service side of this is very insufficient. They reimbursed us for the pizza after we shouted out our complaint finally. But this is hurting your business and there is a need for improvement. People will go to your competition with this type of customer service.

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