Well, first I have to admit, I had the new side at 5 stars when I leased a new car, which is why I bought and trusted the used car side. I bought a used vehicle and paid a little extra (knowing it) because I was promised by the salesman (Ryan) and the Manager, a number of minor repairs would be taken care of within two weeks, repaint bumpers, fix tear in seat and repair front windshield. (Circular crack previously covered conveniently by the price. Once the car was washed, the crack was revealed). Well, I have gone back and forth with Ryan (the salesman) on the used car side for 8 weeks now. First he had to put it off due to volume, then no rental cars available (? From a car lot?). I even said "Forget the rental, just fix it." Then new owners need to sign off.

Then he promised, I will get it in November 1st guarantee with a rental car. Well, along comes the 13th of November so I called him. He says, "Oh, now you have to take the vehicle to another dealer 40 miles away (Kia Henderson) and they’ll take care of it…" "Trust me” he says… "Call them and they will set it up." Wait? Now I have to do all the work? I’ve been calling you for 8 weeks. Now I have to start over and hope you passed the information on? So it’s time to share my thoughts with the public hoping they honor their promise or I at least steer another trusting customer away from Planet Hyundai, Ryan (Salesman), the Manager and the owners (both new and old). I really disappointed. Such small repairs which would cost them less than $500 can't be taken care of. Just bad business.

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