I am responding back to a review that a customer posted on this site, in which they stated that if anyone wanted to start a class action lawsuit that they were in. A couple years ago, PNC came up with what they called "real time banking." They would configure posts that came in for that day from the highest amount to the lowest no matter which one came in first. This would cause extra negative fees depending on how they configured your account. My husband was in school at the time and unfortunately we would overdraw our account more than I would like to say. I would call them often and ask them how in the world they were getting away with what they were doing. I was told "this is what all banks do."

Years later, we received a letter in the mail about a class action lawsuit that was being placed against them. We would be paid out money if they were found to be unethical. We did indeed receive money from this lawsuit. We stayed with the bank and as of recently I have been noticing that they are doing this AGAIN!!! They seem to be able to look at screens that we cannot see and will tell you that you have indeed incurred negative fees. I also do not understand how they can charge a fee for not covering a charge. This is a VERY UNETHICAL bank and they do not treat their customers as though we are the ones that they work for. They have already been found unethical in one lawsuit and it is beyond my comprehension as to why they would resume the same type of behavior!!! This bank should not be trusted with your livelihood!!!

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