I have had a loan account with PNC Bank since 2012. Recently, my automobile was totaled in a crash. I made sure that I contacted PNC and gave them the information and that my insurance company would be sending a check. Apparently, no one made notation that I had called. I received a call from PNC saying that my next payment was past due and I needed to pay. Again, I tell them my auto insurance sent a check to them for the car. GAP Insurance would be paying the remainder. I made sure to request the payment history of the vehicle and gave a fax number to send to the GAP Insurance. Again, no one seemed to notate on my account that I was trying to get PNC accommodated with the money for the vehicle. PNC did not send or did not follow through with the documents need for getting their money. GAP would be paying PNC, so why delay in providing the documents I had requested.

I get another call yesterday, and guess what? I was told I needed to bring my "payments" up to date on my vehicle. I have repeatedly told each agent that the vehicle is totaled, and that PNC needs to send documentation to the GAP so that PNC can get the balance of the loan paid to them (PNC). I repeated everything (again) and told this agent that I had spoken to another agent who said it would take several business days to send GAP the PNC payment information. Now the agent I am talking to says she is recording us and that she will call back next week. Fine. Just send GAP the documents and PNC will be receiving their money, ok? I know it should not be this difficult to take care of a simple thing. When my business is done with PNC, I will NEVER do banking with them again. I will not recommend them to any one I know.

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