This morning I made a call to PNC credit card customer service. I spoke with a representative in Kalamazoo, Michigan named Lisa. Since I've only had this credit card for 6 months and my info was taken Twice already. I wasnt utilizing my card, only making payments, for the past 2 months or so. Ive decided that I would give pnc another shot & indeed keep my account open. I needed to make a purchase Today before 6pm. So this morning I called to verify if the card I grabbed this morning was in fact my old or new card. That's It. That's All! After telling me that the card I grabbed was in fact my old card, she proceeded to tell me she was gonna cancel my new card because it wasnt in my possession.

I stated to Lisa several times that I had the card, just not on my person at the time. She insisted and insisted over and over that she had to cancel my card, after I told her that it was important that I use my card Today before 6pm and that canceling it was Unnecessary. After pleading my case to her she still did what she wanted to do, assumed, put words in my mouth, and deactivated my card. This is my final strike and I will be canceling my credit card altogether and now even my debit card as well, because how she handled the situation was ridiculous and very very dissatisfying! Customer service was at an all time low and I will continue to follow thru with reporting my dissatisfaction with Lisa.

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