My second pod was to be delivered today… Called at 8 am. He was here 8:20… I said, "Please put it on the right side driveway of the two car driveway." He said, "NO. I can't. The sprinkler is in the way." I said, "No it isn't. This is my second of three pods to move." The other driver had no problem. Drove on the grass and wasn't near the sprinkler. And I also told him I needed the left side of the driveway to put my car in the garage… He said, "Park it on the STREET." I said, "No HOA doesn't allow it…" No cars are on the street.

He said, "Too bad…" And left with MY POD on the truck… And no one is there on a Saturday to help… I was told it was the driver's discretion… Well he screwed me up and my movers… Now what do I do??? I am a woman… And a senior citizen… AND my credit card has been charged for the pod and delivery etc… And the third pod was ordered for TUESDAY…in 3 days… What a jerk!

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