Me and my family moved to KZN from FS.
We bought a property in Amanzimtoti and desided to do some accommodation apartments and increase the property value. We reached out to some contractors and ending up meeting with a contractor in toti that referred us to a reliable registered Architecture plan drawer Pooven Ellen from Durban KZN. At the end of the day after a few meetings with contractor and Mr. Pooven Ellen and later only with Mr Ellen we paid over direct eft of R14000 on 07-08-2018 to Mr Pooven Ellen for all new drawings corrections on current plans and all Municipal and other fees and approvals to get everything done according to current SANS. We have begged and communicated on numerous occasion from last year until today to get just something out of the registered Architect but nothing. Excuses after excuses and this and that but up until today nothing. Something that were promised to be done before November 2018 ended up in mid 2019 with nothing but excuses. This all seems that we have been scammed out of our hard earned monies that we saved over years to invest in property. Do you know this person and were you treated the same way. Please let me know. I also need to get in contact with south african council of the architectural profession to report this behavior.

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