Hi another word for this vehicle or company as the say in not but a b/s full of crap, name dont mean nothing any more they only want money by selling cheap of cars, service not good price out ragegeos people mean, only answers they give you is well look what you drive and you should knoe that is expensive, its just a name that then turns out to be a cheap vw tourag, shoud be aswhem to charge such high maintanance prices parts, well i own 1 wich they manke me so discuseed that i will trade for a stupid car than keep this that is not good, for any one that wants own a cayenne DONT BUY IT AS A BIG PROBLEM WITH ENGINE LIGHT ON, V6 MOTOR THAT turn out to be bad enginiring ALONG WITH PORSCHE HOW CAN A COMPANY CHARGES MORE THAN THE CAR IS WORTHED FOR AN ENGINE LIGHT ON, DONT KNOW WHAT IS THE PROBLEM SO THEY CHANGE PARTS AFTER PARTS TO GET TO THE PROBLEM, PORSCHE YOU are a liers BIG TIME… If any 1 as the same problem should complain to this not good germans cause is every 1 with cayenne that as the problem or exposes them to the media or to the y tube about they manipultions to the custemers thank 4 reading it yo can e mail me to [email protected] we all should get togheter to complain thanks

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