After spending almost $400 on a pair of 50X96 drapes, I found after hanging them that they were of two different sizes -one was 96" long; the other was 94". When I called to ask about it, I was told that there "could be slight discrepancies." Slight??? Instead of returning them and waiting for what might be the same outcome, I decided to just hem the longer panel. The drapes are beautiful – which is the reason I gave the review two stars, and I have been promised a gift card as a way of compensation.

This is the second bad experience with PB in a month – the first was that a gift I bought through the wedding registry was sent to me and not to the bride-to-be. I was told that it happened because I did not give the address where it was to be mailed. I asked the rep if she understood how registries work! It was rectified when UPS picked up the package and had it sent in time for the wedding.

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