I ordered 4 pillows/inserts and 3 large rugs/pads from Pottery Barn in early September 2015 in 2 separate orders. I got 1/2 of one of the orders and nothing else. It is now mid November and I have spent hours on the phone with PB in 6 (yes 6!!) separate calls to their customer service department – each time being assured that the orders would be delivered within days.

I am now on the line with them again and the service rep has me on hold while she reads the miles long list of notes on these orders and decides what to do. This is ridiculous and the absolute worst service I have ever received from any online ordering situation. If you want frustration over a long period of time and lots of wasted time for no product and no service then Pottery Barn is for you. Personally I am over it and they will not have my business or that of my friends/family again.

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