Ordered my kindergartener a Marvel book bag. 2 weeks into using the $52.00 bag, it broke. I called the rep said it was on back order and would arrive about 6 weeks later and she would call me to be assured of the new bag's delivery. New bag arrived 8 weeks later. Never received call from rep, 2 weeks later, my credit card was charged an additional $104.00! I call, their response: “oh we never received the defective bag from you.” Seriously? So you charged me 2 additional times? “Oh I am sorry ma'am we charge cards 30 days after people call in with defective items.” Really? So I called and it took 8 weeks to get new item and your policy is to STORE my card info without authorization and charge it? “Ma'am we have a note where the rep tried to call you but could not reach you.” So you have my email and my address but didn't try that before charging me? Beyond annoyed. Will NEVER buy Pottery Barn again.

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