During 6 weeks, Premier Care has been involved in installing a tub in my bathroom. Starting from no-one showing up, we went to someone who showed up and did a disastrous tile work. After realizing the bid embarrassment, they demolished the tile work and promised to send a professional tile worker. This person has showed up 4-5 hours per week in 3 weeks, and today after 6 weeks, I have still no tile work finished, no tub installed and the disaster continues to get extended. I have paid $16,700 and have to pay another $8,333. I have contacted the account manager, the sales rep, the installation manager, the regional account manager and anyone and everyone that you can imagine and nothing has changed.

All I can say to you and everyone who wants to do business with this company is that, please stay away from this company. They do not show any responsibility or accountability and will do nothing to help you. This is the worst home improvement experience in my life and the result is a disaster. I am a very sick person with a new back surgery done, chronic arthritic pain that needs this tub for my health. If you need to discuss this matter, please call me at. I hope you learn something from my experience.

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