I purchased a “package deal” for $267 on Feb 11, 2020 that I was to use in 18 months. I called once because of Covid and asked for an extension. They claim they offered me to pay about $300 more to extend it. But what I was told was that they would possibly consider extensions when it was closer to the 18 month time frame. I told them that was unfair for anyone who was expecting to be able to use the package. Also they don’t explain that at EACH resort you have to go to a sales pitch meeting. I called yesterday again to discuss the extension and was told I would have to pay to extend the package. She was very rude and acted as though I was stupid because I was worried about CoVid. I told her I couldn’t use the Cancun portion but she said I could go but would just have to get tested to return to the USA. If you test positive you have to extend your stay on your dime.

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