I booked a Hotel through Priceline's "name your own price" tab. I'm in Atlanta working on a budget and just went through the SC flood. The hotel came to $67. I called the hotel they booked only to find out that they hold $100 in incidentals! My issue is that when people use the name your own price feature, they have no choice in where they're going to end up! I didn't have an extra $100 to give the hotel for a one night stay! Mind you the cost of the room was ONLY $67!! Of course I read ALL of Pricelines stipulations regarding what may be required, but this is just ABSURD! They were however able to cancel with a full refund, but now I'm out of a hotel and $67 for 5 days until it hits my account… AND I still have to find another hotel!

PRICELINE must offer some way to communicate INCIDENTAL cost BEFORE the consumer SPENDS THEIR MONEY! If you're using Pric line chances are you're on a BUDGET… These are things the consumer needs to know IN FULL BEFORE they are booked!!! Nightmare! Will never use Priceline again and wouldn't recommend it to an enemy.

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