I didn't mention at what point my trip became a disaster, in hindsight, it was Priceline.com. I purchased the package and the nightmare began as soon as I boarded the plane (American Airlines). The hotel was lovely though, I have nothing but praise for that part.in any event, there was a medical event that mandated a prolonged stay (as the trip was for a medical reason), and when I attempted to change my flight, but to no avail. I was willing to pay a penalty fee but they required more than that. It was ~$200 cheaper to buy a brand new one way flight back home. I explained that my trip was for medical testing and additional tests were added, all I got was, "I'm sorry to hear about that but", or "I'm sorry to hear your frustrations", or "I'm sorry you're going through this."

I wasn't asking for a free flight, I was asking for a fair one (I was willing to pay a penalty fee) but they were unempathetic and non-helpful. I went through all of that after being treated like cattle on American Airlines. SO you see, it was a horrible experience across the board. Priceline has amazing deals but be WARNED – you are sacrificing quality for quantity ($). I'll pay the additional $50 for another option.

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