I made a hotel reservation and realized within 2 minutes that I reserved for the wrong date. I called the hotel but no one answered. I chatted with Priceline but they told they couldn't help because no one was answering at the hotel. I asked them to just cancel the reservation but they would not. They told me to call customer service the next day.

I decided to take the airport shuttle (promised by the listing) to the hotel to try to change the reservation. When none was evident and still (one hour later) no one was answering at the hotel, I called the downtown branch of the hotel to find out that the shuttle wan't running. It would be a 40$ cab ride to the hotel. Hotel was billed as a airport hotel. When I called Priceline the next day, as they requested, they told they couldn't do anything to help me. I feel they should stand by the product they sell. If they're booking me a hotel with a contact phone number and a shuttle service, and I can't take a shuttle or call the hotel, Priceline should help.

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