I ordered flowers from ProFlowers on 11/10 (approx. 830am-900am), for same day delivery. I waited all day for my mother to let me know she had received the flowers. After about 6pm, I begin to worry… I had not received confirmation of delivery. I called ProFlowers about 845am on 11/11, spoke w / a rep, that said the local florist did not have the flowers I ordered. My question was at what point were you all going to contact me to let me know that 1) the flowers were not going to be delivered 2) that there was an issue w / the flowers I chose 3) and a solution.

I should not have had to call for a status… ProFlowers has every means of contacting me yet they chose not to… Unacceptable, so unprofessional. Don't they realize ppl send flowers for a reason. I was so frustrated that I had to follow up and disappointed. I canceled my order. I should be receiving a credit and now I have to start from square one… And hope to find a company, that can guarantee delivery.

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