I specifically sought out a company online that could assure me same-day delivery of flowers for my mother's birthday. ProFlowers' name came up and I placed an order at 9:00 AM for same-day delivery (I had up until 2 PM to place my order for same-day). When I didn't receive a confirmation of arrival by 6:00 PM, I called customer service. They informed me the flowers were "unfortunately" not delivered as promised; no reason given as to why. The customer service rep was clearly reading off a prompter and had no actual empathy for my situation. At one point, he said something like "Thank you for understanding my understanding" ~ huh?

I was told I'd be refunded the delivery charge and the flowers would be delivered next day (which basically defeats the whole purpose of "birthday" flowers). When I emailed customer service with my complaint, they ended up cancelling my whole order "as requested" (I never requested they cancel the order) and are supposedly refunding my money (not holding my breath). My mother and I have had our share of difficulties and I was hoping an unexpected delivery of birthday flowers would put a smile on her face. Now I will never know.

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