October 10,2015, I purchased a ProForm 1850 treadmill from the Treadmill Outlet in Redwood City, CA. The purchase price was $1785, which included setup and removal of cartage. The salesman at Treadmill Outlet stressed several times, not to contact them should problems arise. It was a red flag I missed. The treadmill was delivered and setup 10/20/15. I tested and examined the machine with the technician, and found it functioning fine. Second red flag, the owner’s documents contained more information about purchasing an extended warranty, then there was about how to use the treadmill. I registered the machine, without purchasing an extended warranty package. I figured I would to do so, near end of the one year warranty. I used the treadmill 3 days without issue.

On the fourth day, the treadmill software failed to activate the machine. I rang customer support, and waited on hold for approximately 35 minutes before the call was connected to Tech Support. The on-line support tech had me disconnect the power, disconnect the safety key, turn the machine on and off several times to no avail. This was about a 40-minute process, because the tech had to research possible causes. Long story short, apparently my 4-day old machine had a software bug. A week later I received a program chip, with instructions to remove the console to install it. I have disassembled the upper portion of the machine, but the console won't release. I contacted Customer Care again, waited again 30 minutes before the call connected. Only to be told, to do what I've already done.

Had I researched the ProForm 1850, I would not have purchased it. Now knowing it contained an android computer, which is so embedded in the console, the treadmill has to be disassembled to replace the software. This is a very poor design and is likely the reason the price was so discounted. I have a new a treadmill I can't use, and was told by ProForm to contact Treadmill Outlet to return the machine. Yet I've had no success in connecting with Treadmill Outlet to discuss a return.

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