Well, new ProForm elliptical 600 LE came. Upon arrival, the box did not look damaged at all. Upon assembly, after 2 hours, could not proceed because left arm and left leg were damaged. It appears to me as if they shipped the faulty part intentionally because the box did not look damaged. Called the customer service number the next day (now) and have been on hold for 18 minutes, after being on hold for five. Is ProForm even a real company? As far as I'm concerned, they do not have a customer service department if you can't get through at 10:00 am on a Tuesday. Now a total of 25 minutes and still haven't spoken to anyone. Tempted to just call the store I ordered from and return the whole thing! If you are thinking about ordering any of their products, first call their "Customer Care" number at 1-888-533-1333 and see if you can get through!

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