I purchased a security system from Protect America a little over two months ago. When I spoke to the agent I already knew what I was looking for in a system after much research. I ordered and the system was delivered. When I opened the box, it was a different system than what I ordered. When I called to tell them they gave me the wrong system, the person at Protect America gave me a hard time, stating that he looked at my account and I was wrong. After much to do, and claiming they reviewed the phone call, I finally got the 3 additional sensors I originally ordered. I proceeded to install the system (without the additional 3 sensors), which went smooth, and has been working well, at least I thought.

I called again today because I finally got around to installing those 3 sensors, only to find out after paying their fees for two months (over $80), the gentleman I spoke to said he can't be sure, if my alarm was triggered that it would actually send an alert to them or the police, because of where I had mounted the panel. He told me that the panel needed to be at least 3 feet away from an electrical source, mine is 6 inches away from a thermostat. To be honest I am very unhappy, because when I went through the initial set up no one ever told me there were mounting requirements/restrictions. So now they are going to send me some crazy 7 foot long antenna that I need to mount in my house to get a better signal. Yes I know I could move it, patch the screw holes in my wall, paint and call it a day, but it's just the simple fact that no one told me up front.

As for calling the customer service number, I have probably made 4 calls to them, and sat on hold well over two hours just waiting to speak with someone, I truly hope that if my system is functional that it wouldn't take this long for a response if the alarm was triggered, as most people purchase a security system for peace of mind. So far, my experience with Protect America is far below my expectations, and I am locked into a 3 year contract.

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