Protect America – Stay away from this close on the first call self serving company. Protect America is pushy, hard sell, inflexible, very difficult to get in touch with, impossible to get to a supervisor, and has published ratings that are out of line with my experience of their service. I spent from August to November 14th to get my system operational, a simple security system. I waited 10 plus hours on the phone to reach them over this time period, and it took (4) 1 hour installation calls to set the system up properly (sell you on savings because you do it yourself). 3 of my 15 sensors have failed.

It's all on the customer if you have a problem and then you wait and wait, call and call. I tried to get out of my contract after a month and forget it. They have you in an iron clad agreement that protects them regardless if you are happy with the product or not. Do not do business with this company. There are other security service providers out there I know firsthand, that will far exceed any experience you would have with Protect America.

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