We were very dissatisfied with the experience we had with your company and would never recommend to friends. We had no idea when the rep came to speak with us, that the entire job had to be done at that time. We had just arrived home after a long day's work and did not think we would be dealing with installation for the next few hours. When we hesitated, we were given a hard sell and told this was our only opportunity. What a despicable way to do business. I was so disgusted, I left my husband to deal with it. All that seemed to matter was to get that sale, not whether we were happy or comfortable with it or not. To date, we have not used the alarm. The rep was in such a rush to make the sale and do the installation immediately, that my husband never caught the explanation of how to use the system. There has got to be a better way to do business! Like I said, despicable!!

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