My husband passed away 06/11/2016.I immediately informed the insurance company and within a week I received the claim forms.

On the forms it listed my husbands EX-Wife as the beneficiary. I was absolutely shocked because I knew within the year that we were married in 2007, he and I had updated all of our banking and insurance documents as each others beneficiary. I stressed this to the insurance customer service representative.Only to be told there was nothing they could do it would be paid to the contingent beneficiary since my husband and his Ex were divorced. I immediately sent a dispute of the payee not being myself.

In September my husbands former employer was able to locate the change of beneficiary document that my husband and I filled out 08/10/2007 and sent it to Protective Life. I still never heard anything from them. I called again on 10/27/2016 and was told that the change of beneficiary was not valid because I had signed as an owner. The change of beneficiary form clearly listed in the signature requirements that "If the owner resides in the Community Property States of Texas…., we recommend that the Owner's spouse join in signing this form." Which I did.

Further more, page 5 of the original policy "Changing the Owner or Beneficiary. The owner may change the Owner or Beneficiary during the Insured's lifetime. To make a change, the Company must receive a written request satisfactory to the Company at its Home Office. Any such change will take effect as of the date the request is signed, even if the insured dies before the Company receives it." All the requirements were fulfilled and there is no ligament reason that I should not be paid as my husband always intended.

I have sent several email that are not being responded to. Each time I call I am told that the representative is away from her desk. I have no choice now but to turn them over to both the Texas Attorney General Office and Texas Department of Insurance. This all could have been avoided had someone done their job in 2007 and made the changes my husband wanted.

I certainly don't anyone to go through the *** I have with this company.Going on 8 months and have not seen a penny of the life insurance benefit.

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