I’m not too happy with ProtectMyCar because there were some things that needed to be done and they didn’t handle them. Like, I had a transmission problem and they quit because the hose broke. They didn’t cover hoses because according to them, they’re supposed to be checked on a regular basis and I never heard of that. They said that was part of the regular maintenance. So I ended up paying out of my pocket the whole time the transmission was being rebuilt. That was one. Apart from that, because I was told that it was my transmission and I believed that I was being covered, I rented a car that they were supposed to pay for, but I ended up paying for it too. They covered one thing that was small, they said out of courtesy, because they weren’t able to do anything about what went wrong with my car. I don’t like it but I stay with it because I have the option to get my money back if I come for it before it’s over.

But at this rate, I would not recommend it to anybody. I don’t have any reason to. I had to pay for the tow, the work, the rental car, all these things promised to me, and that bothered me. Also, it took them so long to come back with an answer. I ended up having the rental car for a week, which was not even necessary if they had a better communication with the mechanic. I was not even informed of this communication. The mechanic told me that ProtectMyCar hasn’t gotten back to him yet but I thought that it was going to be okay once they have a conversation, but when they had one, it didn’t go very well. It was a total nightmare. The whole thing ended up costing about $2,000. But like I said, I’m just hanging in there because I know I could get my money back before it’s over. Though they might not make a go on that one, too.

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