Precision called me about ProtectMyCar. Submitting a claim is a difficult process. Last year the air condition went out. What they say and tell you is one thing, but when it comes down to paying the bill, it becomes another. They said all I had to do is pay the deductible which was $100. Then supposedly, they can put it under warranty, but I checked in the book and it showed that it wasn't under warranty. This year, I have another problem with the air condition. Then they went to the receiver dryer and the whole condenser itself froze up, so they couldn't open it up to change the receiver dryer. The receiver dryer was under warranty, it says in the book. The condenser was under warranty in the book. All of a sudden, that's not part of the coverage. The part about them taking the air condition Freon now and putting it back in, that's not under warranty or coverage, but its not in writing neither.

I had an extended warranty and it still cost me $600 to get the air condition fixed. What they tell you in the book, what it covers and what it doesn't, they have what they call their own process. If it breaks down, you're pretty much going to be on your own. They choose to pay or they don't or deny it. Its not what they say and if I had known that when I first signed up with them, I never would have because they tell you when they call you how great their plans are. After you get into them, there's a whole different story. Will I do business with them again after I experience it all? No. I am very dissatisfied.

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